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Mammolina Children's Home
Montessori Kindergarten
School location: Chaoyang District, Xiangjiang Beilu, Liyuan Xiaoqu A36
Postal Address: Jianguomen Guojiyouju 100600-6739
Beijing 100600
Tel. (8610) 84705128
Fax. (8610) 84705127

"From conception to age four, the individual develops 50% of his mature intelligence; from ages four to eight he develops another 30%"

Benjamin Bloom
University of Chicago
Stability and Change in Human Characteristics


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Every school has a vision. That vision includes dreams, hopes, goals and a purpose. Ours is guided by a spirit of mission and service - to the children and to the community. Montessori educates for Peace, understanding and dialogue. It fosters a true and everlasting respect for diversity.

All Montessori classrooms are different. There are differences even within a school, because each Montessori directress (teacher) brings into that environment the very best she can offer children. Then the children themselves change the environment, making it their own and shaping it with their personalities. This forms a unique community of equals, where all members respect one another.

We offer children a carefully prepared environment, according to solid traditional Montessori principles. According to Dr. Montessori, "the most important period of life is not the age of university studies, but the first one, the period from birth to the age of six. For that is the time when man's intelligence itself, his greatest implement, is being formed."

Our kindergarten is a child-sized environment, where life-skills can be developed through self-chosen, purposeful activity. The children’s needs are met and their innate curiosity and love of learning is nurtured. As a result, knowledge is acquired naturally. Much of the learning is through the manipulation of special didactic materials and learning aids. Most importantly, the children become self-directed learners. Skills of independent learning and the ability to self-correct are developed early in life, along with a strong sense of self-discipline. These attributes play an important part in helping the child develop a solid foundation in language, mathematics, cultural studies, art and aesthetics. Creativity and imagination are also nurtured to provide a well-rounded early educational experience.

As this learning takes place at a natural pace, in a loving community, the emotional and academic development of the child are regarded as an integrated whole.

The Mammolina Children's Home Montessori Kindergarten is a place where children like what they do.

These quotes from Dr. Maria Montessori's writings
provide invaluable food for thought:

"Be careful, a child's soul is like a bright mirror on which any breath can cast a shadow."

"Children of different ages help one another. The younger ones see what the older ones are doing and ask for explanations (...) There are many things which no teacher can convey to a child of three, but a child of five can do it with utmost ease."

The child should love everything he learns. Whatever is presented to him must be made beautiful and clear. Once this love has been kindled, all problems confronting the educationalist will disappear."

"Real freedom is a consequence of development, it is the development of latent guides, aided by education. Development is active. It is the construction of the personality, reached by effort and one's own experiences, it is the long road which eery child must travel to obtain maturity."

The children must be free to chose their own occupations (...) No work may be imposed - no threats, no rewards, no punishments."

"Never interfere when a child is working by himself. Don't be preocupied about whether he is making mistakes, you must not correct him at this moment. The imprtant thing is not that the child should handle the material well, but that this material has attracted the attention of the child."

"Because a child is constantly passing from a lower to a higher state, his every passing minute is precious."

"Never let children risk faillure until they have a reasonable chance of success."

"Children are human beings to whom respect is due, superior to us by reason of their innocence and of the greater possibilities of their future."

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